About us

Telecommunication company founded in 2000, national telephony operator, provider for complete solutions for call-centers

Connet-Ro is a company present in Romania since 2000 that operates on the entire territory of Romania through its own network and technical and assistance centers.
›Connects between the main cities of the country and provides:

  • Data services.
  • Telephone services.
  • Complete solutions for call-centers
  • Point-to-point connections on the Romanian territory and with Italy, Turkey, Albania, Moldova, etc

  • The international connection is made through two fibers between Milan (mix from Caldera street) and Bucharest, which follow different routes and are provided by different operators. They are connected to two POPs both in Bucharest and in Milan, they are balanced between each other and each can support the entire traffic.
  • The necessary equipment is provided on site, technically assisted directly by our company.
  • Knowing the services of our customers, helps the company Connet-Ro S.R.L to perfect its products and to always adapt them to the market requirements.
  • By emphasizing the quality of the products and the promptness with which we respond to your requests, we are sure that you will be satisfied with our services.
  • Both our suppliers and our customers had the opportunity to be convinced of the seriousness and quality of our products.
  • All our employees are results-oriented and act decisively to achieve them