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Flexible Services

Telecommunications company, founded in 2000, national telephony operator, Connet-ro is 100% part of the TNS ( ) grup that:
» Serves 100+ carriers worldwide.
» Connetcts 1700+ financial communities worldwide.
» Services/support to customers in over 60 countries.
» Connets over 100.000 ATMs, and 3M POS terminals.
» 15+ billion payment transactions per year.

›Connet-Ro is a company that has been present since 2000 and operates all over the country through it's own network infrastructure and through some support and technical centers.
› Creates the link through the major cities in the country and provides:
» Data services.
» Telephony services.
» Point to point connections in Romania as well as Romania - Italy.
› Connet-Ro offers a point to point connection between Romania ( in the cities covered by our services ) and Italy through 1024 Kb/s ( and multiples of 1024 Kb/s ). The connection does not transit the internet nor the satellites and guarantees a delay of under 50ms (router to router), as well as maximum data security.
› The international connection is possible through two optic fibers between Milano and Bucharest that have two different routes and that are supplied by two different carriers. Those lines are connected into two POPs in Bucharest as well as Milano and each one can handle all the traffic.
› The necessary equipment is supplied and maintained by us.
› Knowing our customers services, helps our company to perfect it's products and services and always addapt to the market requirements.
› Using our network as an enabler, innovation will be ever more essential as our customers look for new ways to differentiate and add value with data-driven solutions. An important part of Connet-ro future success lies with our dedicated employees continuing to provide superior customer service and innovative products to the market we serve.

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